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News — 2 min read


Freshly published: three songs by DIE DIE BE. Night, The Time Flies and Conformity Cutter.

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Let’s Mater and Spirit hear about that in unison:

“Today, Black Friday. What is that? Something new, from the USA. Just like on television. Where people buy. Good for our economy. The main thing is to earn money, spend it, take it, take it out, no matter how. Long lines with masks and little decency and distance … yet nothing new … now it’s a little different because of Corona, because we’re getting a little more emotional right now. And want to write a post. Or comment. Or be against. To be with those who are more. Or fear more. Or have the longer lever. Because now Christmas is coming again and all that.

But we have the longest leverage. We, not you. Not me. We haven’t been able to commit ourselves as much as we do now. You can be for Corona or against it. You can be for more responsibility for companies or against it. You can be for a better climate or against it. But make the right decision, otherwise you will be frowned upon. And blunders become leads. But that’s always been the case, depending on what there was to say.

SYM stands for what we have in common. For love for all that’s coming. For healthy growth.”

You can do something for the poor artists now. Buy their EP. Until now artists were called poor and since the latest events they call themselves poor. They pour creativity upon your ears. And who’s the poorest?

The cat, purr purr.

With love
Die Diebe

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