This is a re-release. The album was banned and deleted from all platforms during the 2019 pandemic – just two days after its release. Since there had been deaths related to listening to this album, because the album is possibly the most depressing ever, the state did not want to add to the burden on hospitals and the health system during the pandemic.

This says a lot about this album.

Although the last song recites the teachings of Epicurus,
we feel the strong limitation and depression of the time of the lockdowns. Through this hopelessness, however, when listening to the album it seems as if we come out of our bodies and can go anywhere. Especially strong with the song Spheres. After the song, you are someone else, as indeterminately determined as you have ever been in a different place with a new body feeling.

During the pandemic, of course, this was way too much. But today too, caution is advised. Take care of yourself while listening and enjoy the worlds that arise in and around your body.