27. January 2021|

Imagine you join a new class, but you don't know that you don't know the language. You must be in the right place because the teacher addresses you by your name.

the great reset – OWNED

11. January 2021|

The "great reset" is not a new idea. That is why we can build on experience. We found it - among many others - in Epicurus. If we follow basic attitudes about life, the way Epicurus described to Menoikeus, then we are immune from any reset. We then have no reset button at all, because we rationally choose joy and these rational thoughts are every fiber of our body.

preorder k21

15. December 2020|

The Diebe-calendar 2021 is called «the great reset». Ten bands came to us at the Brünig in November 2020, took two days off and we a song from them in return.

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