Albumreview STPD

17. July 2020|

Actually I had already turned Ilka down for this review. In principle, I approach music in a very gut-oriented way, no matter if it's for my private use or for a review for our magazine.


7. July 2020|

Hello and grüezi, we feel the signs of the times and think of New Year's Eve, because we celebrate the daily new beginning. Today we think especially of the amazing product that slides out of the printing press and ringing machine just in time to be given as a Christmas present: OUR CALENDAR!


12. June 2020|

It's time! Just in time for the last concert two years ago: Our event series NeuN has been finalized and documented online.


27. May 2020|

this is the alarm clock of your slumber and again it was just a dream, you think

Arthas thoughts

20. May 2020|

Queen Artha sits in her castle courtyard and pokes between her teeth with her one-handed sword.

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