Strive or die – a business in 8 acts.

24. August 2023|

Paradise is not a place. It is an idea, a wish, a conception. It can never be true and exist with us, it can also not be experienced after death, because our existence requires a striving. This striving exists only through ...

Brünig-Sessions Summer of ’23: Martin Gut – Berglust

12. July 2023|

The hopeful glimmer in hopelessness; reflection, the good warrior, or: Martin Gut. The complex, multimedia world of Martin Gut's work seems unpredictable, but develops consistently along his artistic approach to life. Fragments and opinions of modern life are paradoxically assembled ...

Brünig-Sessions Summer of ’23: Peter Beutler – Berggänger

3. June 2023|

If Peter Beutler had not been born in Switzerland in 1942, but in the USA in 1964 or in India in 1903 with an English mother tongue, he would now be as famous as Dan Brown or George Orwell. But Peter Beutler was born in Switzerland and is interested in secret, social issues of the place ...

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