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preorder k21

News — 3′ read

preorder k21

The Diebe-calendar 2021 is called «the great reset». Ten bands came to us at the Brünig in November 2020, took two days off and we a song from them in return. These 12 works are now passed on in the form of a calendar, which you can order at home and also give to all your friends. New discoveries awaken life.

It costs CHF 21 an can be ordered here:

We are now meant to be silent for a while. We are the arts and we say nothing. We do not gather people, we do not connect them, even better, we do not seduce them, we do not keep them down with shallow entertainment, as the weakest among us like to do, only blinded aware of their power. Silent night. Do not sing, do not speak, do not breathe. Do not repeat.

It’s even more the time of the screens, they entice and are endless. I escape into worlds, into magic and action and drama. I don’t need to live a life when I can watch others so beautifully. Maybe I imitate them, but I don’t develop my own, my contribution to the general happiness.

Yay, I think, the ego is overcome! Oh no, I contradict, for that there is the fear of death. The deathly fear of self-reliance, which is supposed to ensure the survival of babies and we don’t learn to grow out of it. Cry out for help, then please to survive. Look mommy, look, look how good I am, how well I imitate you. Don’t you think a second you deserves to live?

Mater sings in Conformity Cutter:
“If I’m like you, I might survive.
If you’re like me, we’re at least half alive.
And together we dive through the endless open sea of conformity.”

Dismembered, we look at our parts and see everyone else only as pixels. How do I put myself back together now? How do I find myself? We asked the arts, and they answered.

In the form of the Diebe-Calendar for 2021, you too can recognize the answers and apply them to yourself.

For easier understanding (especially for us!) we have kept the K21 dual. Orange, purple, English, German. Sound, text. And in everything lies the third. Do you recognize it?

We are probably the only ones fighting for honesty.
And we have the lies in our blood.
But we grow.

With love

Die Diebe

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