Santa should actually be here now. Because people need him now more than at Christmas. Don’t they?
Come to us and tell us that you have read this mail and you will get 24% discount on the overnight stay in our Naturfreundehaus, on the dinner and on the breakfast. We also give you 24% for all our other services such as music recordings, photography or website creation. And 2x24min free for developing an idea of yours with us.
As the whole world knows, we organize the Festival of Free Arts every summer. With music, films and academy. We are looking for people who are interested in taking part. So, get in touch if this interests you or come along.
In keeping with the post-Christmas syndrome, we have released a video for the song Mantra Betrayer. As we’ve just realized, we now feel we have to reinvent ourselves, question our goals at the beginning of the year and so on. Do you know what I mean? – Yes, exactly that. But, as we’ve just realized, there’s no end to this questioning because maybe there’s no goal? If that’s the case, start defining goals now and making the right plans, because otherwise you’ll start to get distracted and then Christmas comes around again and the post-Christmas syndrome hits you again and you realize again that you don’t have any goals and then you start to get distracted again and again and so on.
So, to put an end to this, do as Lili does in the video, let go. Feel nature, because it is. It is now in all times. It grounds you. And this grounding roots you down to earth, relaxes and calms you. And then you realize that everything is fine after all. That your worries are actually unfounded. Because if they were really threatening worries, you wouldn’t be able to lie down on the floor and do nothing for a while. And now you can be. And if you want more than just to be, you can now define and plan goals in this grounded state. So, January is not a hole. January is the gift of slowing down and recharging your batteries. After the silent nights, things calm down again. And here I would like to ask you a question. Do you want this year to be the same as last year?
Here’s our album on Spotify, please follow and share and so on, because that’s how we can grow with our music. But watch out! As the 66-year-old Rockdoctor says about our album: The album should come with a sticker- “Warning! Only For Those With A Taste For Maximum Adventure”.
By the way, we have of course made another calendar, more like a calendar of appointments this year. You can also order it from us for free and postage.