News — 5′ read

This weekend: moving reading followed by a small concert at NFH Brünig …

News — 5′ read

This weekend: moving reading followed by a small concert at NFH Brünig …

… we would write, again and again since a year now, if we were not all sitting in a rather twisted situation. Mass events have become dangerous, dinner out a bit chilly or data public. Concerts are happening again, public life awakened, for one part, a self-titled solidary one. The other part calls itself just as solidary, just as freedom-loving. And as always, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle or is just relaxing on the beach.

We Diebe choose an epicurean wait, stoically sitting in our glittering prison and enjoying our space. We forget the world, stick to the rules, don’t know which elements exactly promoted the decisions and, for once, don’t presume to know better. Thinking of the people, we would prefer the radical way in a large-scale virus distribution, as always: simply squat everyone at home for a month, worldwide. Large houses are shared to achieve a little fairness, everyone stocks up on supplies in a planned way, ideally vegetable, very simple.

Just click on pause for a month.

Of course, there is a need for people to accompany households that are critical in terms of mental health. A professional emergency phone for all kinds of concern. A chat, a channel, the hospital. But that’s all it needs. Perhaps paper and pen for everyone to get rid of thoughts and transform them. And ample preparation.

Speaking of which, will the hospitals now be nationalised again? Expanded? Humanised the work there? Or do we keep it true to symptom control and hope for downstream, scientific solutions? As for climate change … it is as old as the climate, but of course now threatens many habitats. Can we change the big or only the small? Can we plan or only react?

It seems we are in the midst of eternal balancing. There is no nothingness for us, no stillness, only the striving for it. There is nothing perfect, only the ideal of it. And we conscious, living ones can choose to act or to consume. Consuming is easy and follows the pleasure principle. Acting is contrary to the pleasure principle. It needs a right and wrong, good and bad, a boundary to be able to act at all. And boundaries divide and create contradictions. That’s probably why many of us are so paralysed.

But consumption, i.e. non-action, also has consequences that we all do not wish for. What is too much in one place is lacking in another. Ignorance does not protect against the law. So everyone can act just as well. That is why we are now continuing to work on our Dieble, for which the Book of Knowledge is the forerunner (as are some other, most famous books worldwide). Do you have a contribution to make to such a smorgasbord of guidance on how to live and how to act? Write the book *Your Name* to appear in the Dieble! Send it to us. Or work it out with us, in exchange for accommodation and food.

The Dieble – good news for YOU!

With love
Die Diebe

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