We are publishing a booklet written by Max Siegrist from Emmen through our publishing house Bergstudios (or Die Diebe, as you like). He talks about growing up in the Schindlerdörfli. About climbing on high wooden planks, where foreign countries began, how important whistles could be and what was done with “rappen”. The village has since been flattened and high-density housing has been planted above it. But the memories are still alive and can be kept alive in book form.

The vernissage is on 6 December 2023 at Akku in Emmen, starting at 18:30. We’ll play some music, Max will talk and you’ll buy a book for yourself and then seven more for all the older people around your Christmas tree.

It can as well be ordered here: lili@diediebe.ch.

See you soon, as always – with love
Die Diebe