Has anyone ever tried to break creativity as much as it got broken in the last few years? Why is that? These are questions that we would be better off discussing in private.

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Only in a crisis does it become apparent that most art before the crisis was Dada. But before that it didn't seem so because we had to keep busy to distract ourselves from the really necessary issues like: when will ...

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This is not a newsletter, we've probably had enough news for a while now. This may be my last newsletter, because so much is happening, so fast, always so fast, but why so fast? What about yesterday? Off to the woods and SCREAM! Ok, fine, but then ...

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Preorder k22

THE calendar 2022 with ALL THE days and months! Starts with 1, ends with 12, without letting one go! With snappy sayings and amazing questions! And of course songs and pictures and words, all by US!

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