How do I erase my face surrounded by cameras. How do I develop a free identity when I document everything in a cloud and cannot let be forgotten what is no longer important to me? How do I maintain a sense of freedom in a causally shaped overall social world. I am a being that grows because I live. I am and am surrounded as respectfully as I want. I find my freedom in the freedom of others. So being free is also something of these undignified things that only grow when shared – like every cell.

I erase my face because I judge less. Because I think more generously. Because I understand myself as important to me, but only a little more important than everyone else. This is the dissolving of the parts of the ego that are harmful. This is the coming together for the beauty of being alive. We can only live together. This EP shows how with three more songs. Every song of DIE DIE BE has only this one goal: the beauty in living together. You live. You can live beautifully. Rich, free, enjoyable and loved.

Keep it all simple and in doubt, focus on how you feel. Undistracted by the drama of others. If you don’t pay admission, you don’t have to watch theatre.

Enjoy listening through and listening again –
as always, with love
Die Diebe

By the way, as already announced: tonight at about 9 pm at the Kunst- und Naturfreundehaus Brünig there will be a fine acoustic concert by DIE DIE BE and for the first time in Swiss German.