Only those who continue to grow after childhood will one day really grow up

To grow also means to grow out of oneself and to let something grow out of oneself. For biological women, the latter is more understandable, as they can physically perceive this if they want to. For men, this thing is a bit more abstract. Maybe that’s why they are more quantitative than qualitative in our society? As they try to achieve this primal creativity? Seen in this light, women are quite a bit ahead of men in creativity and the latter have an eternal creative envy. We have been growing together for six years now and thus benefit from a certain gender fluidity.

On Saturday, 1 April 2023, Die Diebe will celebrate their 6th anniversary!

And we will celebrate this in our Art and Nature Friends House on the Brünig. As it is a birthday, all our friends, that is you, who is reading or listening to these lines, are invited to celebrate a birthday with us. There will be drinks and cake. Those who wish can also spend the night. In the evening there will be an unamplified concert by DIE DIE BE and we have a special guest and other yet unknown – because they are still in the making – performances.

At this point we are making an open call for artists who want to set up or perform something with us for 1 April several days in advance. This can also be “just” an experiment. Get in touch right away, because we’re already celebrating this Saturday.

And because we humans are growing, our hair, nails and in general, we are not only celebrating the birthday of Die Diebe but also a completely new birth, namely the birth of the Bergstudios (, which we will also toast on and explain in detail to those interested, show the premises and discuss further about the creativity envy of men towards women – and the power envy of women towards men?

At this point I, Bujar, would like to go into the above thesis in a little more detail. Firstly, it is a thesis and I invite everyone to discuss it with me, which seems to be less and less possible, which historically speaking is probably not true. Secondly, I don’t think that the man is more creative than the woman. On the contrary, because he tries to achieve the same quality, he perhaps produces more. But he also produces a lot of junk. Since the biological man cannot give birth and I assume that giving birth, or rather reproducing, is a drive to which the man is equally exposed and he cannot satisfy the drive in the same way as the woman, I think that the man, because he cannot achieve the same quality as the woman, is more quantitative than the woman. Which, strictly speaking, is not the case. But this seems to be the case because man also tries to create something as qualitative as a human being. Hence creation envy. Perhaps that is why men tend to play God. And if a woman now feels addressed and thinks, yes, but women are no less creative in the simple understanding of creativity, they also paint, etc., then the idea comes to me that there might also be a sexual envy behind it. I won’t go into this in detail now, unless someone is interested. In that case, please reply or just come by!