Vernissage with performance, artist talk, dinner, musical improvisation.

Saturday, 13 May 2023

Performance from 3 pm
Artist talk from 5 pm
Dinner by reservation at 7 pm Musical improvisation with the Brünig Connection from 8 pm onwards

at the Kunst- und Naturfreundehaus Brünig
as part of the Brünig-Sessions Summer of ’23

If Dominik Lipp had not been born in Switzerland in 1974 but in Hong Kong in 1954, he would have become a Jackie Chan or a Bruce Lee with his physical creativity. But since no Swiss art scene has a that good connection to elites and famous art houses, like Hollywood in this case, Dominik Lipp is not yet world famous. Perhaps that will come. But just before this eventual step, Dominik Lipp is developing an exhibition at the Kunst- und Naturfreundehaus Brünig from 7 to 13 May 2023, the vernissage of which will take place on Saturday, 13 May. This will be supplemented by a live interview with Bruno Schlatter, followed by a live musical improvisation by Lili Vanilly and Bujar Berisha, together with Bruno Schlatter and possible guest musicians.

Since Dominik Lipp will be at the Kunst- und Naturfreundehaus Brünig a week before the event, working on art that will then be presented at the event, media and translators such as you or those you trust will have plenty of time to get an interview with Dominik Lipp live on site. To do so, get in touch with us or with them so that they can get in touch with us so that he is there and not painting somewhere in the mountains.

His style ranges from an Oskar Kokoschka or Ernst Ludwig Kirchner to a Jacky Chan or Bruce Lee. Dominik Lipp, however, sets himself apart with something, and that is that he belongs to the Recyclists, a fresh offspring of contemporary art. His early works are no longer available as they once were. They were recycled by the creator himself. You should therefore hurry to get hold of a work by Dominik Lipp that you like. Soon it may no longer exist in the form of your memory. In this way, he hits the nerve of the times right in the heart. What is what? What is fake and what is true? Who is evil and who is goodness?

He says this about himself:

Dominik Lipp is.
Dominik Lipp dominiks.
He is a Dominic.
Dominik does what he does.
Everything flows.
His products are art.
Dominik tries to work independently,
out of himself,
to dominik.

See you on Saturday!