Reading with artist talk, dinner, poetic-musical improvisation.

Saturday, 24 June 2023

Reading from 5 pm
Dinner by reservation at 7 pm
Poetic-musical improvisation with the Brünig Connection from 8 pm onwards

at the Kunst- und Naturfreundehaus Brünig
as part of the Brünig-Sessions Summer of ’23

If Peter Beutler had not been born in Switzerland in 1942, but in the USA in 1964 or in India in 1903 with an English mother tongue, he would now be as famous as Dan Brown or George Orwell. But Peter Beutler was born in Switzerland and is interested in secret, social issues of the place he was born into. Orwell and Brown did and do this too. Only their home countries are and were world powers and their language is therefore spoken and thus sold all over the world. And that is the only reason why their books appeal to many more people than those of Peter Beutler and why they are also much more famous.

Our curator Bruno Schlatter chose him for the Brünig Sessions because he writes fictional crime novels on a realistic background of relevant themes in Swiss history. From Lucens to P26 to money laundering. In doing so, he does not shy away from taking critical stances and repeatedly shakes up Swiss myths. He comes from the greater Brünig region on the Bern side. And is therefore a local who is now reading at the Brünig Sessions. Who knows, maybe in this context we will learn things about our place that we have never seen or heard before. Let us be surprised!

Peter Beutler is a world-class writer who has taken a close look at the history of our region and used it to write fictional thrillers.

Reservation with or without overnight stay at:

Cost: admission CHF 20 / dinner CHF 27 / total package with overnight stay and breakfast CHF 94 instead of CHF 104

Free admission for members of Die Diebe and the cultural association ProLauwis.

Supported by the Swisslos Fund of the Canton of Obwalden.