We went for another spin on our spiral. It‘s sunbathing from the roofs and they‘re lying in the streets. We Diebe shout something about a big haul. It may not look shiny or tempting, but we assure you that the k23 is something you don‘t want to miss. For this year, we Diebe have decided to share with everyone a compilation of profound reflections, so deeply grounded, they are barely readable, more like guessable. Every month, the thoughts of the artists currently staying at the Brünig Art and Nature Friends House will delight you. It also includes incredible discounts that you can use there, ranging from recording your own album to professional photography thanks to Bergstudios, also. Of course, in addition to the literal dimensions, there are also those of sound and images, and there we have something much more leafy yet not quite twelvefold. If you still don‘t believe that this was all and then even true, I would like to add that we Diebe, in our altruism, have decided to share this booty completely free of charge! After all, our goal is to share with others everything that may have been stolen, including freedom of expression. Explore your year with us before others steal it from you.

With love
Die Diebe