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WHAT? Swiss bands play concerts in Kosovo (Prishtina, Klina, Pejë, Prizren …)

WHY? To show support and love, from the creative scene, to the creative scene. Until every Kosovar can travel how they like we go to Kosovo to show we don‘t like the VISA policy, we want CHANGE! And along that we equip venues.

HOW? You play in a band? Want to go on tour? Be a pionier? Get in contact with lili: lili@diediebe.ch, Lili Vanilly on fb, diediebe on insta. You got some equipment you don‘t use anymore? Give it a second life, give it to Kosovo!



Pictures by Aschi – Ernst Kehrli

© Ernst Kehrli www.ernstkehrli.ch© Ernst Kehrli www.ernstkehrli.ch© Ernst Kehrli www.ernstkehrli.ch© Ernst Kehrli www.ernstkehrli.ch© Ernst Kehrli www.ernstkehrli.ch


K. Jusuf Gërvalla


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In Peja, Anibar Anibar has been organizing its animated film festival since 2010. Since 2016, the organisation has settled in the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema, the city’s only cinema. There is the office and the happening of many different events during the year as well.

Anibar, as part of the Pejë / Pejë Cultural Organizations Network and the Kosovo Cultural Forum is part of joint local and national efforts to develop culture and make cultural spaces functional, especially cinemas.



Kolektiv is performance & event venue in Prizren, which is dedicated to promote and support art in all its forms. As an alternative space, Kolektiv has been open to many international bands, turning it into a favourite spot for local and foreign artists to perform and display their work



After revitalizing an abandoned and forgotten building, Termokiss social center is open to a range of activities, which can be linked only by being non-for-profit and educative. Activities and organizing processes are managed by the community. The offered activities are determined by both the needs of the community and the skills which the volunteers have to offer. The space works to promote the ideas of mutual aid and cooperation. Providing a welcoming space for everyone, including those whose voices and contributions are not always heard or appreciated, is a top priority for Termokiss.

Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17)


Project Space Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17) moved into its first Project Space venue in November 2018. It is open and serves as a co-working space to everyone during the day, and at night it becomes an event space. Project Space is an interdisciplinary centre that combines the intellectual and creative in order to provide a forum that is able to respond to relevant social issues and engage in constructive dialogue. Shtatëmbëdhjetë promotes questions that try to cross borders and challenge conventional answers. Thus Shtatëmbëdhjetë interacts in unlimited disciplines: in discussions, artist talks, theatre performances, films, music performances, poetry nights and digital exhibitions.

Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 in Prishtina, Kosovo. The aim of 17 is to promote positive change in society by enabling cultural vitality and creativity. “We promote cultural activism for social development,” penetrates from every pore of 17. 17 has three programs: Art & Culture, Citizens’ Initiatives and Project Space. 17 is based in Prishtina, but its activities cover all regions of Kosovo.



7arte’s room is an office with a large balcony. For loud rock concerts in winter, they team up with the Mitrovica Rock School, which is ready for such performances.

Living Caffe


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Living Caffe is a cafe bar located in Klina. With its distinctive and welcoming approach, it soon estabished itself as one of the most popular cafe bars in town. It’s second floor is set up as a space to promote cultural events and young artists. There is no PA or anything (yet), but it is warm and has space.

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