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Win the Prize of Relevance

News — 2 min read

Win the Prize of Relevance

At this point we hand over the word to Mx3, apparently we seem to explain ourselves with more pain than plain and that would be a shame for this occasion.


“Die Diebe” is a music agency that’s been around for a little more than two years. “Die Diebe” are (still) small, but definitely oho: When it comes to productivity, nobody can hold a candle to them.

In cooperation with Mx3, the music agency awards the “Prize of Relevance”. A prize that any Swiss band can win. The winner will be awarded with its performance at the Labelnight on October 25, 2019 in Neubad Lucerne, which will be audiovisually recorded, and a tour of Southeastern Europe with DIE DIE BE.

Feel like it?
Apply, if you can answer the following questions with a clear and unequivocal yes!
– Are you relevant?
– Is your music relevant?
– Does your music, your work, your expression give weight to the scales?
– Do you have more to offer than a pretty aesthetics?

Sign up via “book my band” on the Mx3-Labelnight-Seite – and win the “Prize of Relevance”, the gig, the tour.

Buy your ticket for diese eine Nacht in our shop


– SEWN was in the studio
Zentralplus was at Zentrale (German)
– DIE DIE BE finishes their album this weekend
– The 1st S Festival was a nice one
– We have a million ideas for DANACHRICHTEN but because we have to earn so much money for the many other ideas we can’t shoot. So if you want to buy us some time:

In love
Die Diebe

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