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we make it

News — 3′ read

we make it

Yeah we make it – if you pay it! We wouldn’t be us wouldn’t we do it anyway, anything that comes to mind, yeah, yeah, anytime. DIE DIE BE are currently at Zentrale.Studio recording their second EP. Current is relative and stretchy like the hot black lines on the streets. But we can say they are on it! Lit! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

(To listen to the new songs exclusively, you only need to book a concert of DIE DIE BE! Where have all the concerts gone … blown away in the Wi…rus, when will they ever learn, when will they eeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeer realize that it’s not about learning but about empathy. By the way, we now even have a bus. An almost-old-timery and wunderfulliery. Red. Four wheels. Lots of room. 4WD. yasssssssss. You need a bus? Rent ours.)

To test our survival in yet another new playground, uh, to diversify economically efficiently, uh, to be able to just say that we’ve tried everything, really, everything, and never given up … not even at the post office, although our products now travel via Änne Bite It all over Germany and from there back to Switzerland … so we really try everything, and do everything, and it’s a great pleasure.

And what were we actually doing here? Ah yes, the title says it. That’s why we made it so big. However, the text body melted due to summertime… it’s all about encouraging people to fund! Wemakeit said that this is now very important. But we think: it’s ok. You already give us everything, or at least, you give your all, every day, you do it well. And if you feel a tingling inside of you now, if you get restless in an unpleasant sense, then just leave it for today.

Let the time flies multiply, crawl around on you, nibble on you until you become a fly yourself and have nothing else in mind but to mate and to strobe. And to find silence for a milisecond until it continues. Can flies even perceive us? How well does the small perceive the big? Whose nose. Receive, perceive, believe.

And one last thing, fitting to any current debate: We read and soaked up and think that there is nothing weaker than opinions. At the risk of repetition we recover and plead for empathy, the highest of all goods. In place of any opinion. And we think: if somebody feels hurt by something, then you don’t have to feel hurt by the person that feels hurt. Just listen and absorb. From being to being, decaying and soon to be dying anyway.

Until then, in eternal sweatchatty heat,

and in love

Die Diebe

And just in case, to the crowdfunding.

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