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We like lakes

News — 5′ read

We like lakes

We are part of a new experiment … a constantly positive political campaign … a whole lake where there used to be asphalt. This message is now for all those who want to be positively active again, who want to believe in the unbelievable:

Imagine it’s SUMMER … I’m hot, says Lea, and sets off in her swimsuit for Emmenfeld, the great lake district where there used to be an airfield. She goes for a walk on the large bathing beach and enjoys an ice cream at the farm shop. The view of the Alps is breathtaking. Her friend Max is jogging around the dikes and in the air a new seaplane drone of the company Ruag is hovering quietly. Soon it will land on a side lake … the birds are chirping and the air is flirting. Everyone wants to go to Emmen am See!

Emmen am See is reality. With your financial support and our commitment we show the lake.

We design posters, children’s books and bath towels, write stories, songs and do various activities with the aim of bringing the lake into people’s hearts.

We would also like an independent study to examine the economic impact of a renaturalized airport site on the community.

We always act under the credo of joy, positive, togetherness. The lake is there for everyone! For the people of Emmen, the community, the canton and the resident federal companies.

With CHF 30’000 we make the lake fly! You too can be part of the vision. From CHF 300, you can be part of it:
campaign bank account at the Raiffeisenbank Emmen,
IBAN: CH91 8080 8004 4177 3814 2
Verein Emmen am See, Emmenweidstrasse 8a, 6020 Emmenbrücke.

Questions? Write us!
We are happy if you join in!
Also as an active member! We are looking for people who move.

Many greetings
The association “Emmen am See”
and a lot of love
Die Diebe

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