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Tour Faster Than Band

News — 1′ Read

Tour Faster Than Band

A message from DIE DIE BE: we’re just leaving Switzerland and the Kosovar press is already busy reporting about our tour: «Visa-freedom for KOSOVO»! (See Links.)

No questions asked, no lies told. We expand our minds like mycelia. We are together. You, me. Reader, writer. Listener, singer. But somehow we are different. We don’t feel like it, but states tell us we are. We have a red thing that allows us to go wherever. We want all of you to get this thing as well.

The freedom from VISA will come. But when? You shouldn’t need a certificate to pass a border. This is so hard. We want you to be able to liberate yourself. When will this freedom be here? When? This question can make you sick. A whole, young generation is captured.

We all are part of a change of the system. Your elections. The regime can change. You don’t need hope, you need change. Through peace. Let’s stand up together. Let’s get that freedom.

Can we check our calendars and set the date when we celebrate the killing of VISA? Ready?

Maybe? Until then we come to support the Kosovar youth to not give up and please stay healthy, in mind and body. Come to our concerts and enjoy being alive and being together on this trip called awareness.


bujar, lili, DIE DIE BE


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