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Thoughts on the anniversary

News — 8′ read

Thoughts on the anniversary

Lili Vanilly about 3 years Die Diebe, April 2, 2020

Dear Die Diebe-Note Receiver

The day before yesterday, April 1, 2020, we turned three! WE’RE EXISTING SINCE ALREADY THREE YEARS! Time to reflect. To find a self. Or at least start looking … yesterday we sent this letter personally to all our members, to everyone private who ever supported us financially. We are now opening the circle of those who received it, because maybe you would like to support us, too.

I, Lili, have been thinking a lot in the last days before this anniversary. I questioned many things, about their sense and nonsense. Probably because many people are doing that very strongly right now. I was gripped by uncertainty, sadness and demotivation. And as so often, these negative feelings didn’t feel as if they came from inside of me (the same goes with the extreme positive ones). I think they are just very strongly happening inside a lot of people … and so they take hold, spread more and more … so I walk diligently in woods and meadows! Looking for grounding! But I seek salvation as well … new spheres, new ideas, realisation … where is the balance, can I create it only through the extremes? And how do I earn enough money at the same time, for the rent? For food? Another month passed… I have failed, I forgot how to human!

To celebrate our 3rd birthday we met a good friend of mine who helps us to free ourselves. Our situation is precarious, but this is nothing new. The current Corona situation does not change much for us. We still experience little sympathy from the Lucerne cultural scene, from the musicians circles. On the contrary, the idea of competition is so unreflectively arrested that many people are probably not even aware of it. Can’t we seriously and openly get together and support each other exponentially? Are we wrong in assuming that everyone will benefit then? What is the disadvantage of it if we all feel better together? Do you know where the stumbling blocks are, dear reader?

We have created the Saturday afternoon meeting where we can ask each other all kinds of questions. Bujar and I offer our complete wealth of experience from which you can benefit free of charge. Nevertheless, not a single person has accepted our offer, we sit alone in our Zentrale. Actually governmental decreed, otherwise … because of disinterest? Or no need? Or shyness? Why don’t you visit us, dear reader?

Of course we are often happy to be alone, so we can work on our projects undisturbed … but we would prefer to be a big group of people doing projects together … a collective, as it should be! In our Zentrale we can produce EVERYTHING! So you can, too!!!! How should we continue? What do you think, you have probably been with us for a while now … how do you perceive us, or, why don’t you perceive us personally? What would you wish for from us?

Our resumes are full of crises of meaning, from which we emerge strengthened. We feel it very strongly, how now wide parts of our fellow humans feel similarly, and we have great difficulties to find ourselves in this time. We see all people as one living being, together with everything that surrounds us. Unfairness hurts us, that’s why we make music, that’s why we write, that’s why there are the DANACHRICHTEN. We try to translate what we observe and what hurts us into something beneficial.

Most of the time, however, it is precisely those people who are closest to us who feel that what we do is not beneficial, but rather unsettling, unclear, even stupid or unnecessary. Is our goal of mixing well-being with relevance impossible? Why do we encounter so much aversion? Hardly any foundation reacts positively to us, and the public authorities also find it difficult. Are we really bureaucratically incapable? We try so hard! It takes an incredible amount of energy, such a request, and then it seems as if we want to insult a position, they tell us! And I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Why don’t I understand? Are we really as alone as we seem to be? Are we really misunderstood? Why do we judge before asking for explanations? What do you think, dear reader. Why can we not translate ourselves? How do we find a common language, how do we adopt their language without betraying ourselves?

You can believe me, I know that I myself have been misbehaving. I would like to get better so much. Do you have any ideas? Where do I get further motivation when I am at the bottom? Financially, relationally, socially?


How are you doing? Any ideas? Would you like to give me one of them? We hereby offer you a pen friendship, write to Die Diebe, Baselstrasse 61a, 6003 Lucerne. You can also transfer this friendship to an e-mail: or Or let us know which platform you like.

I would be very happy if you would like to continue reading our notes … and maybe even take it a step further: With a deposit on IBAN CH46 0839 0035 1026 1000 8 (ABS Olten, Verein Die Diebe, Lucerne), you start your membership with us. If this is not financially feasible for you at the moment, a message to me telling me that you would like to be a member is sufficient. Either way I am very happy.

We are not a conventional club, you surely already know that. Links to lists follow. On these lists you can read what we have done and what we plan to do. And if maybe people come to your mind who you think could like us, just like you do (and please tell me what I can do for you, if not!), please tell them about us. Sometimes I think we scream at a small world. I would rather sing to a big world. And live next to it personal, deep friendships. Maybe with you?

In love

lili and bujar

Your Diebe

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