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Recreational creations

News — 3′ read

Recreational creations

Dear fans


or simply

Dear Diebs

Gopf it was turbulent here at the Brünig Art and Nature Friends House, we hardly noticed all the measures that were being taken. Now it’s quieter, for the moment, who knows how quickly everything will be different again, but right now, I was sitting there and somehow I had just got through everything and I asked myself – for the first time in over a year! – what I want to do now. And that’s when you came to my mind, you whom we write to without being asked and tell them about our be-motions.

Our last message didn’t go down very well, it was also a bit out of context, not quite neatly and Swissly enough worded. But we’re actually known for our exaggerated textual self-perception, so I was rather surprised that it surprised anyone.

And now I’m thinking about what particularly moving thing I have to tell, since I’m taking time and space in and potentially away … but to be honest, the deep thoughts don’t really come anymore with the constant running around. What I care about is that there is enough food, that it is cooked finely on time and that everything is nice and clean. That I can sleep at some point and that nothing is asked of me until I have the energy again. Soon it will be quieter, I tell myself. And then comes the super disaster and nothing works any more, as soon as there’s a bit of free time. So I’ve never been sick that much. And then it has to start again, the self-chosen tasks quickly call out very shrilly. And then the next wave of exhaustion.

Before this year, I had been practising taking it easy for years. I did very little, lived in seclusion, occasionally in the hustle and bustle and then back to the countryside, lived with very little and thought, I now know how to live well! I have found the rhythm! That’s what the drums teach me! But no, I seem to forget very quickly. But I also remember again, at least.

I believe in our house, that it is a fine place for recreation and creation, soon also for me. We are finally more who care for this house. That’s why we’ll advertise your winter holidays with us soon. It’s simple and affordable. The food is very healthy and fresh and sustainable. There are beautiful hiking tours and also sun. There is the warm wood stove and the retreat.

If you’re like me, be careful. Allow yourself a little time out to catch your breath and do some sorting. Now the end of the year is coming and with it a lot of finishings. With us you will find the strength to do so. Just reply to this message and find your place with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you.
As always
With love
Die Diebe

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