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News — 3′ read

Preorder k22

an artificial journey through the phenomenon of experiencing (sickness)

THE calendar 2022 with ALL THE days and months! Starts with 1, ends with 12, without letting one go! With snappy sayings and amazing questions! And of course songs and pictures and words, all by US!

Order your personal copy NOW and give away more right away! It costs nothing, unless you want to pay something, then it costs AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

Send your postal address and the number of calendars you want to and we will send you your calendar k22 maybe even just in time for Christmas, but SURE ON TIME FOR SILVESTER!

What are we about this year? Well, what about.

Placebo works and therefore works logically nocebo as well. Medicines are tested double blind because it has been discovered that the knowledge of the person giving the medicine to the patient influences their health. In order to prove that a drug works, we must also prove that nothing is done without the drug. Thus, test subjects receive a drug that has no active ingredient, and the person handing it over knows nothing about it. And this drug without an active ingredient works again and again. And not just in one person out of a thousand. There is a debate about 20 to 90 percent efficacy. The same is therefore true for the reverse. If you think you are ill, you most probably are. If you go to the doctor with this attitude, they will look until they find something. This is nothing new. Our attitude is the be-all and end-all. Diseases are manifestations of our attitudes and the latter in turn can last several generations.

We are constantly told how incapable, paralysed and sick we are. But this only becomes a truth through our ability to influence ourselves through our attitudes. Like the fact that we can believe that we are incapable. Imagine what you could do if you were enthusiastic about it? Anything. Everything you can imagine and that will become more and more. And never forget love in the process. This calendar is an exercise for that.


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