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News — 2 min read


It’s time! Just in time for the last concert two years ago: Our event series NeuN has been finalized and documented online. After the Nine comes the Ten and it starts all over again, well not quite, the experiences, insights and lessons learned from the first round are in the backpack. That’s how we evolve. Is the nine the harbinger of the new? Linguistically it sounds like this. And in our case here that’s how it is. Our series NeuN with Hainrisc T has opened a new chapter. It seems to be the last one. But as we all know, the end is the best fertilizer for something new. Maybe in the mountains, with friends. In this sense we thank Hainrisc T and congratulate him at the same time. The world is exponential and therefore full of wonder.

Hairi says:

Dear friends and acquaintances

I am very pleased to be able to send this link:

Thank you Lili, thank you Bujar (Die Diebe) for your idea for this unique concert series, your time, your space, your perseverance. Without you, this project could neither have started nor ended!

Thank you Anna, Kilian, Fabio, Shannon, Pablo and Lorenz for your enriching, persevering, artistic support of the project!

Thank you Rich, Silvan, Manuel, Dario, Katharina, Lena, Fabian, Esther, Nora, Robin, Melvin for the inspiring musical collaboration!

Thank you wonderful, curious audience of all nine concerts!

Thanks Alessandro for this incredibly great website!

Thank you Casimir Eigensatz Foundation, FUKA-Fonds, Ida and Albert Flersheim Foundation, Maria and Walter Strebi Erni Foundation and Migros Kulturprozent for the generous financing of our project!

Hainrisc T


And now we wish you a lot of joy and fun while enjoying this site.
With love
Die Diebe

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