Käti Käti Maria

Die Diebe captured: Käti Käti Maria

Histories repeat in spiral shape. It’s never completely the same, and still we recognise everything. Two Katharinas and the Maria, indubitably significant figures at the theatre of the past sat together and intoned the three major fields of tension of human existence. Birth, Usage, Decisions. Dini Mueter, Sale and Velecht.

Our Zentrale has a portal at it’s disposal, through which we loot some things from time to time. And if we some of those times forget to turn it off, we get surprised by visitors of any colour and shape. When those three arrived from nothing right at our place and after some confusion realized it’s a studio Käti, Käti and Maria seized the chance and started recording.

After that they just disappeared but left some breadcrumbs, so they might find the way back. Bujar mastered those crumbs masterly and made them aud- and tangible. What ever might come, those three pieces will do for now and we let them melt on our lobes, let them flow right through all our meatuses and hit brains, hearts, libidos.

Twelve times three little artifacts they left behind modestly hidden in sofa chinks. Those and a small document with the access to the music we gladly sell to you neatly packed in a lucky bag. You can order here (this is a link).