News — 2 min read


News — 2 min read


Hello and grüezi, we feel the signs of the times and think of New Year’s Eve, because we celebrate the daily new beginning. Today we think especially of the amazing product that slides out of the printing press and ringing machine just in time to be given as a Christmas present: OUR CALENDAR!

Would you like to be part of it in 2021? Music, poetry, whatever you do, we’ll record it with you, photograph your project and print it alongside eleven others in our k21.

We will then send it free of charge to multiplier people from the media, art and culture, who will get to know your project as well. And it really is a beautiful companion for the whole year, it can relieve you of worries about finding the right gifts. It is a book, CD and planner in one, compact and competent. Holidays included! And usually even without any days forgotten.

Our only demand is the content: there should be some. We have not yet defined a calendar theme, we’ll decide that together later.

Would you like a free song recording and a photo for your project? That’s quite a nice chance we offer you AND we are very well excited about working with you! Get in touch with lili:

By the way: the crowdfunding for DIE DIE BE 2nd EP is still going on, if you’re into it.

With love

Die Diebe

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