Festival of the free arts

around naturefriends house Brünig

4.-7. August 2022

NFH Brünig, Switzerland

with music, animation, drawing, words, sculpture, etc.

Bestätigte Acts: Anibar /Peja, Beastmaking /Peja, Bossart/Haller/Portmann&Weber /Lungzern, DIE DIE BE /Brünig, Die Diebe /Brünig, DJ U.R.S.N. /Luzern, Königswasser /Emmenbrücke, Liburn Jupolli /Prishtina, Nie /Luzern, Niklaus Lenherr /Luzern, Romain /Ghent, SEWN / Langnau bei Reiden, Spin Alonga /Kreta, Terry Blue /Lugano, Tobi & Boni Joy /New York, Zeichenstiftpaarbier /Luzern und mehr /and more

Beastmaking Workshop

Edvin Susuri and Flaka Kokolli will guide the participants in the process of creating their personal beasts, whatever they may be, and making them come to life. For the first part of the workshop, the students will have the opportunity to learn about the basics of character design from Edvin, who is an accomplished animator and illustrator from Kosovo. And in the second part, they will be taught the basics of character animation by Flaka Kokolli, a Kosovar animator.

This workshop will last three days.

On the first day, you will be introduced to the concept of character design and animation. We will have a brainstorming session on how each animation created will be related to the other.

On the 2nd day, you will start with character design and be supervised the whole time by both tutors both on the character’s visual look as well as the character’s movability and mechanics.

On this day you will also develop a short storyboard on the movements your character will be making.

3rd day, you will be animating the character you’ve created on pen and paper, in play doh.


Donnerstag ab 19 Uhr / Thursday from 7pm: Eröffnung / Opening / SEWN (Ton / Sound) / Wortpaket mit Bossart, Haller, Portmann & Weber (Wort / Word) / The Kosovo Beasts (Kurzfilme / Short Films) / Liburn Jupolli feat. Bujar Berisha (Experiment)

Freitag ab 19 Uhr / Friday from 7pm: Terry Blue (Ton / Sound) / Birth of the Beast (Experiment) / Nie (Ton / Sound) / Königswasser (Ton / Sound) / DJ U.R.S.N. (Ton / Sound)

Samstag ab 16 Uhr / Saturday from 3pm: Romain (Ton / Sound) / How to give birth to beasts (Gespräch / Talk) / Terry Blue part 2 (Ton / Sound) / Tobi & Boni Joi (Wort und Ton / Word and Sound) / The musical Beasts of Anibar 2022 (Kurzfilme / Short Films) / DIE DIE BE (Ton / Sound) / Liburn Jupolli Performance (Ton / Sound) / Spin Alonga (Ton / Sound)

Sonntag ab 15 Uhr / Sunday from 3pm: k2019 (Experiment) / The best Beasts of Anibar 2022 (Kurzfilme / Short Films)/ Liburn Jupolli & Terry Blue (Experiment) / Abschluss / End


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