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Moving clocks go slower. Switzerland as a whole has probably never moved so fast.

DANACHRICHTEN 72020-03-29T15:26:44+02:00

Status Report


I was eight years old in 1991, when Switzerland ended family reunification from the former Yugoslavia at the end of the year.

Status Report2020-03-23T11:55:33+01:00

We like lakes


We are part of a new experiment ... a constantly positive political campaign ... a whole lake where there used to be asphalt.

We like lakes2020-02-06T11:53:42+01:00

Ask Bujar!


From now on, we will be hosting an event every Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Zentrale: Ask Bujar!

Ask Bujar!2020-02-06T12:17:25+01:00

Today’s Hot Topic: Mähzähne + Video-Premiere


Today this video had its world premiere in the Neubad-Talk about money and patronage. During the discussion the following texts were written ...

Today’s Hot Topic: Mähzähne + Video-Premiere2020-02-06T11:34:10+01:00

Fake Money Premiere


On a Tuesday 8pm at Neubad Lucerne: DIE DIE BE: The Fake Money music video premiere is part of the talk about money in culture.

Fake Money Premiere2020-02-06T11:27:21+01:00

To DEMOnstrate


M like a lot of things, we are told. Like muscle, member, mafia ... but also migros and mumumusic. Aha!

To DEMOnstrate2020-02-06T12:16:48+01:00

Am I sending signal or noise?


I consume, therefore I am. I follow, therefore I am. Ich obey, therefore ...

Am I sending signal or noise?2020-01-16T14:40:54+01:00

For all those who might be left


Not invited by anyone? No meeting place yet? Somehow missed the transition planning and ...

For all those who might be left2020-01-16T14:44:50+01:00