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Arthas thoughts

News — 1′ Read

Arthas thoughts

Queen Artha sits in her castle courtyard and pokes between her teeth with her one-handed sword. She is satisfied, she has just polished it again, it fits well into the space between her teeth and its new shine promotes respect and reverence. Also from her, about herself.

She thinks about her greenhouse. The saleswoman and greenhouse specialist recommended to replace all milky glasses with transparent ones. Glass after glass has already been replaced by Artha, each time covered with a new argument from the saleswoman about the sense of the change.

“Vegetables grow much more efficiently when the sun can get in unhindered.”
“The water runs off much better.”
“You can wave to your friends while you’re gardening.”
“Everyone can see how well your plants are growing.”
“And anyway, milk is bad for cows.”

But she realizes that more and more people are offering her the vegetables she grows when she tithes, and tithing is becoming obsolete. The vegetables she might need are only found in the neighboring kingdoms and are incredibly overpriced.

She does not feel outwitted for the benefit of all, especially not advised for her own good, but rather manipulated for the benefit of less. To cut a long story short: In addition to Youtube, Facebook etc. we now also have TWINT.

The convenient thing is that you can become a subscriber via your mobile phone, shop in our shop, and transfer your membership fee to us. The uncomfortable thing is that at least TWINT knows about it.

Instruction: Open TWINT-App, scan QR-Code. With CHF 10 transfer you are a member, from CHF 99 subscriber. When shopping in the Zentrale.Shop: At the checkout, transfer the final amount via App and QR-Code.

By the way: our shop has just been revised. Soon we’ll do that again with nicer pictures. Let us know how you like it, if it triggers an emotion in you.

By the way 2: Thank you for the beautiful growth, yes, it is a kind of growth! We made a statistic and illustrated it with diagrams (it’s fashionable we’re told, especially their arbitrariness).
Recommendation: First look at the picture, then read this text. Basis: Club account balance on 18.5.20

Picture 1: Wow! So many new members! (From 1 monthly subscription to 4).
Picture 2: Wow! So much more! The maximum amount of money that was transferred to us.
Picture 3: O-OU! The change in the annual subscription / membership.

What is true now? Memento Diagramma!

We have ämel mega mega joy. Hello, hello, welcome, please stay! Soon there will be new creations from us again. Has anyone actually discovered our posters in Lucerne? Will you come with us sometime? Let us know.

With love

Die Diebe

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