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News — 4′ read


Only in a crisis does it become apparent that most art before the crisis was Dada. But before that it didn’t seem so because we had to keep busy to distract ourselves from the really necessary issues like: when will the next crisis come? What could it be? How do we deal with it? How could it arise, have arisen? Which heads stand for what? Is what we are told true? What does the other side say? Where are the similarities between the two sides? What are the possibilities to get out of this situation? How do we create a life worth living and when is a life worth living?

That these are important themes of art is now evident in the crisis, because it is precisely these themes that are forbidden to us artists. There are those who work on such themes, but they are not free and do not even know this, some realise at some point what exactly they are doing and because of this realisation their lives are in danger and they have to flee.

If you suddenly realise that you were allowed to say what you think just because you said the right thing, because you suddenly get new thoughts from intelligent experiences (observations) and realise that you are not allowed to say these thoughts, then you have a problem. Either you give it up asap and for ever or you say what you think and risk your head all the time. But aren’t we always risking our heads anyway? Even when we are not aware of it?! Dangers lurk all the time. Be it in the water or in the air, after all, possibilities are endless and coincidences are so frequent that you might as well say they don’t exist.

What are we afraid of? Of what? Of living or dying? After all, there is no such separation. Dying is living and living is dying. Respectively, dying and the non-existence of life. And as long as we live, this dying does not exist. And finally, we don’t know what death is anyway.

I plead to all artists;

First, don’t take sides. Because then you will have a rude awakening. It always takes two sides to an argument. If you take one side, you become part of the argument. Do you want that?

Secondly, if you don’t have children, from now on always imagine that you have children, because then your actions will have an additional meaning. All life is everything that is not and strives to have it well in the present and in future generations. Let us always remember this, let us not jump to conclusions and only do what is necessary. Because without necessity, it grows by itself according to the rules of life, which are fundamentally humanistic and peaceful.

Thirdly, the bad is not the opposite of the good. The bad is like something that was not seen in the shadows and suddenly it appears and in that moment exchange arises. Since there was no exchange before, it appears as a danger in the light. But it has only grown as it had to in order to survive. If we are not afraid and listen to the evil, we soon realise that it is the same as us. Only it has been in the shadows and had no contact with us and looks a little different and also sees the same world a little differently. But this is an enrichment of every life, because the shadow can hit anyone.

Fourthly: Have no fear! If a tiger is chasing you, fear will overtake you on its own and make you run for your life. 99.99% of the times you feel fear, it is not for this reason. It is because of written mental constructs that put you in the same state as if you had to run away from the tiger. In this state, your brain functions only for Dada.

Dada is fun for short-term distraction.

But a tree with a plan to survive for millions of years is beautiful.

Video by Fliegendruck, snippet by DIE DIE BE at Biestival 22.

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