Postcard series about Lucerne

Eight places and sounds of eight years

For eight years Michael Kaufmann* came across many pictures and sounds of Lucerne. Eight of his musical impressions on eight of his photographs have now been composed and recorded for piano or bandoneon. In a series of postcards, the music associated with each picture can be listened to. Michael Kaufmann thanks Lucerne, its people and its music for the great time.

*Michael Kaufmann was Director of the School of Music of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts from 2011 until 2019

Seebad am Luzernerquai

The most beautiful swimming pool in the world.
… very beautiful to row past as well.

Kehrichtverbrennungsanlage real

Refuse incineration and Mount Rigi.
The backside of an intact world.

Rosenstand am Jesuitenplatz

Lively flowers early in the morning.
One may praise the day before the evening.

Kulturzentrum Neubad

Old becomes new.
… and what’s the sound of music from depths?

Neubau Musikhochschule Südpol

The new building stands at the Südpol.
Südpol stands for music, music, music.

Unterführung Bahnhof SBB

It never rains in Lucerne.
Unless you’re looking out the window.


The Reuss is always there.
Even if you can’t see it.

Eingangs Baselstrasse

A bus rushes by.
There is a nightlife.

All pictures, compositions and recordings: Michael Kaufmann
Concept collaboration, implementation and production management: Die Diebe
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Copyright: Salesman Music, 2019